Monday, October 13, 2008

A Glimpse From Out Under the Rock

I mentioned last week that I will be under the figurative rock, right? (Cause being under a real rock would just hurt.)

Anyways, to give you all some idea at what I am doing this week, let me give you an overview.
Monday: Start my CS 142 test, a programming test. I need to design, implement and test a Java program, and use this program with predetermined criteria, together with user input, to determine a score for up to four prospective contractors. I need to report the contractor with the highest score, his score, the maximum score that could be obtained and his percentage. Provide at the end a closing statement.
Bonus points go if I report the other builders too, descending in order of highest to least score, report the best contractor on each criterion and if I decide to make it a Gui, which gets me more points but takes more time. Without the Gui I may take four to six hours to do this. Add two to three more hours for the Graphical User Interface.
That is due tomorrow by 6 pm.
Tomorrow I have due a Personal Narrative that needs to be edited and extended. Not to mention a math assignment (which will be done quickly enough) and homework due by midnight for my other computer science class about low level programming procedures that I barely understand.
Wednesday another math assignment, as usual, is due. Thursday is a lab for the low level programming test which can take up to five hours since I barely have any idea what I am doing. It doesn't help that I have plans Thursday night to go bowling.
On Friday I have another Math assignment due, but also Friday is the last day to take the low level CS test which runs all week. Good news is that it us multiple choice, the bad news is that I still don't know what I am doing.
But also starting Friday and going until Tuesday is my Math 112 test. I am lucky enough not to have that to do concurrently with everything else.

So, if I do update, it is because I am tired of all the work and stressed out a tad. Or maybe I will be feeling lazy and procrastinative? I hope not.

After the test I may post a snippet of the code, just so you can see what I wrote. I'd do it now, but I don't want to take the chance of a TA seeing my blog and thinking I am helping others out or cheating. Not that he would know who I am though... But I would rather not take chances.

Hope you all have a less busy week than me!
Tra la la!

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yellow m&m said...

I comment on your blog! As for your week, wow. I don't think mine could be more busy than yours, although starting thursday night/friday going through next week mine is going to be VERY busy.