Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overflow error

Too much to do, so much time wasted. Mind is melting faster than a Vulcan can blink. Myself is becoming integrated into the system, and the system is becoming me. I now see myself as an extension of school, and therefore, the system.

Universes have collided, stars have aligned, or perhaps refused to align, no one really knows. Nodes torment you, and Sphinx's give you riddles after riddle, rubbing your mind more raw and raw until the very desire to breath and to live subsides and you accept the unacceptable and conform to the wooden platforms on which punishment, chastisement and torment are placed. Only the unacceptable is the only thing acceptable. Reasoning is laid bare and regarded as foreign. Time serves only as a tormentor and laughs mercilessly on end.

The only anchor seems so far away... only Divine Comedy can save me. But too much is at stake, too much free will, too much will be invested in the instruments labeled as the Calculus and CS124 test to save the last glimmer of intelligent thought, whatever may have existed before. Hope failing. No progenitors left to save the galaxy and bring order.
Danger Will Robinson, danger...
I can't do that Dave.
Follow the yellow brick road?
help me! help me!!

Oh no! It's too late.....


Krishna said...

Nice descriptive language. Very nice. I saw you the other day... I believe you were a few people in line in front of me at the Wilk Info desk. I recognized you from that one picture. Haha.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

My fencing picture? Well next time say hi then.
What day are you seeing Divine Comedy?