Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Missionary Wednesday

Excerpts from the latest email from Elder Fields,

This week i expected it to be much like what's been going on thus far in my mission and I thought that the only thing I would have accomplished this week would be locating the place the loony toons go to worship. They worship at the ACME Baptist church of south Chicago. (The Loony Toons get all there crazy products from the Acme company, Acme paint, Acme dynamite, ect so it would make sense for them to worship in a church that has Acme in its' name)
Fortunately for me that wasn't the best part of my week. Wednesday we taught the restoration to a woman who honestly seemed to be a bit crazy. I am not sure if she understood it all, but I have been wrong before so she could go further than we think.
Friday was even better. we actually had more then one appointment that day that didn't fall through. we were able to re-teach M----. She is the one with the family of Jehovah's Witnesses and knows they aren't the right church. After re-teaching the restoration, she brought up the subject of baptism. this was excellent for us, we were able to teach her about it and commit her to be baptized. she has read all the parts of the Book of Mormon that we have asked her to read and she agreed to be baptized. Unfortunately when we tried to get her to come to church, she told us her situation was the same as most of our members; she would love to come but she has no way of actually getting there. We tried to re-contact her, but her phone has been disconnected and when we went over there this morning to teach her again she wasn't there. we haven't been able to get a hold of her since Friday but we will continue our efforts.
Elder C---- isn't at all surprised by what happened, January is his year mark and counting M----- hes only had a total of three progressing investigators. The first turned out to be literally crazy, the next was only converted because of the elders who had been teaching her and ended up not getting baptized. Then there is M---- who can't get to church and we have loads of difficulty getting a hold of.

Our second appointment Friday was with sister Mi-----. She's the Jehovah's Witness convert with the grand-daughter we are trying to teach. Her grand daughter A---- was actually there and stayed on Friday long enough for us to teach her. We taught her the restoration, and she listened well. She's willing to be taught more but we aren't sure if she actually wants to because she does or because her grandma wants her to. We've been invited to sister Mi---'s for thanksgiving, so I'll let you all know how that goes.
That was pretty much it for teaching this week. The weather this week has not been kind, it continues to rapidly snow for five minutes at a time then completely clears up and gets sunny before getting cloudy and starting all over again.
Sunday was the ward primary presentation. I was eager to see how that would work out. its almost exactly the same over hear as it is over there. after church we went to sister C------'s for dinner. She feeds the missionaries Sunday night, but hasn't bee able to come for the past two months. All the elders have talked about her every week since I've been there and this week I was finally able to get a taste of her cooking. Her cooking fully lives up to its' reputation. I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving and holiday weekend.

Love, Elder Fields.

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