Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Office Hilarity

My co-workers are awesome, just so you all know.

I got in, and saw this on the wall:

I'm sorry Fred, I do believe that is an unparalleled level of awesomeness that has not yet been unexplored. It only means one thing Fred, you should grow a mustache too.

Also, may I add that a mission buddy of mine also is growing a mustache. His looks better though, much better.

Also, tonight is Hockey Night with the Chiefs! Yah yah!


yellow m&m said...

I have to agree. This is probably more awesomeness than I can ever hope to achieve. Then again, I can't really grow a mustache...

Natalia said...

Even though I still find it odd-looking, I have to admit that poster is pretty darn frawesome. :D