Friday, November 7, 2008


Well, I haven't updated recently, and I figure while I am wasting time I might as well post something.

Today I have a Waltz test in my Dance 280 class, I think I will do pretty well in it. My class is at 1:00 in the main ballroom of the Wilkinson Center if anyone wants to watch everyone test on it.

Also, my other classes are going well. I need to finish up my persuasive essay and turn it tonight for full credit. It is on Proposition 8. I thought things were simpler, but then Imogen pointed out that California doesn't have civil unions but domestic partnerships that doesn't totally have all the rights that California could grant... So I dunno. I of course support Proposition 8 and try to add more backbone by looking some stuff up so I am not just supporting it because church leaders asked us to, and can reasonably defend my views with someone not of my faith. It's just complicated. As bismark also stated a couple times in that thread I linked, the best solution may be to privatize marriage, making marriage only a church thing while in order to get all the rights and everything that everyone wants you need to be joined in civil union first.
It works in Mexico, members of the church there have to be civilly joined or married first before they can be married in the temple because a civil union/marriage is the only legal marriage/union. Of course I am not sure if that would be considered a defeat or not... But if the country were to do that, it would solve the legal problems and fears. With civil unions for all, it guarantees that everyone has the same rights and also removes the fear of lawsuit if a church won't marry a couple based on their gender....

But yeah, I am ranting, I have to go and make better use of my time so I don't completely get bogged down in homework.

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