Sunday, November 30, 2008

Operation Christmas

It my mission, if I chose to accept it, to deliver twelve items to friends, most likely my hometeachees, in the spirit of the 12 days of Christmas.

In the past, my family has done a tradition where we would do the 12 days of Christmas to someone in the ward and I have decided to adopt the tradition. Although the Twelve Days of Christmas starts after Christmas (kudos to Bob for pointing that out), due to Christmas break and all, I'll probably start on the 12th or 13th, depending on when I decide to go home for Christmas. Each night I will leave that day's rhyme along with something to go with it, such as pears for the first night and onion rings for the 5th night, also written below the part of the song will be a funny little paragraph explaining the items. Those will be placed on the doorstop, I will ring the doorbell and run and hide.

I need some ideas though of what to give though.
Day 1 most likely will be canned pears, day 2 may be dove soap (or Dove chocolate if I can find anything, unless I find something to tie in the winged turtles from Mario some how.) Day 3: KFC? Day 4: A telephone card, to call long distance? Day 5: Onion Rings. Day 6: Eggs of some sort. Day 7: Something to do with swimming swans. Day 8: Some type of milk, maybe Hershey's chocolate milk mix. Day 9: Music to dance to? Day 10: Leaping Lords... hard to think of something there. Day 11: Pipers piping.... maybe Peter Piper Pizza, if it still exists? Nope, just checked. The closest Peter Piper Pizza is in Las Vegas. Day 12: A drum of popcorn?

These are tentative, but ideas are appreciated. And I will of course provide daily updates and pictures if I can manage it...

Hmmn, this message would self-destruct, if only the fuses were remembered to be brought. Such sadness. Alas.

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