Monday, November 3, 2008

Search Keyword for the Win

You know, I frequently find it funny how people come to find my blog through the search engine. Sure it isn't much, yet, but there are people who stumble upon with the weirdest search items.
Well I decided to post the five most recent search key words, in descending level of humor.
5. "Weird Al" -- Not funny or strange as I just commemorated his birthday.
4. Giovanni Schwartz -- Also not strange as he comments here and is quite the popular guy. In fact, if there was ever a super genius capable of foiling my fictional conquer the world plans, it would be him. Also the person searching that apparently visited this blog before
3. "Prodigal Roommate" -- I have a post with that phrase labeled in it, although I wonder why some someone is looking up stuff about prodigal roommates
2. Nanti grammar -- Have I spoken much on grammar, or is there some unknown grammatical style with my nym in it that I am not aware of?
1. ask date guy + "too far in advance" -- This is what made me laugh the most of the most recent five. I know I asked for dating advice months ago, but still, to stumble upon this blog, well may heaven have mercy on their soul if they found some advice from me. Which reminds me, Allyourbasearebelongtous, where did you go? We miss you.

I think I will try and turn this into a meme... so I tag Gio, Yellow M&M and... Rate of Energy to post their five favorite search terms. Ready, go!

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