Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Overview

We'd like to take a break from the currently scheduled program to give you this message, sponsored by The Weekend; when laziness is mandatory!
It was full of inactivity, but hey, it was a break from the oppressive school schedule last week.

Anywho, the planets aligned in my favor this week, maybe the Universe is being nice to me, it is hard to tell since I am it's plaything. But as I am in a dance class, I had to, or rather I got to go to Dancesport, which is a dance competition for all levels. It's really good. Well seeing as I was going to that, I asked out a girl from my ward, Electra I'll call her, to go out to eat at Mi Ranchito and then see the competition. It was fun, although looking back, if a girl asks if short hair is attractive, you say yes. So we had a fine date. Criminal Mastermind kept giving me advice on going to a parking lot and slow dancing, and then kissing her at the door, and although slow dancing like that would be romantic, it isn't a first date activity.

And Saturday, as we all know was Divine Comedy(Pictures courteous of bismark. Originally I was just going to buy a ticket for me and friend to join Bob, Unit of Energy, Katydid and others; but then talking with a roommate things escalated into a double date. (I actually ended up sitting in the row in front of them and only noticed as the show ended and we were getting out of our seats.)
But the show was hilarious, and I can only hope to get tickets for the Best of Divine Comedy in a few weeks. I enjoyed the Daily Universe headlines (Cougars use the force to beat the lobos, hilarious) and the skits like the Dinner group where it is a political discussion based on the food. I need to politically analyze my next meal and compare it to the westward expansion of America and the expulsion of the American Indian. Divine Comedy also played the "It's a brand new day" from the Sing-a-long blog of Dr. Horrible. That is an epic win.
Anyways, I enjoyed being with Dana (name changed of course), she's cute and was in the ward a year ago. She is sort of shy, but it is a coy type of shy that I seem to like apparently. Well, we'll see what happens, things are still up in the air, but hey, anything is possible.

Also, my programming test has been moved back a week or two, so that is good news! \

I believe that is all, so we now return you to your regularly scheduled program; Monday Morning!

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