Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Hello you all!

Well, finishing off from last week as I didn't get to say all that I wanted to. The district that I am in is all Elders, no sisters. That's alright with me, but really the only good thing about that is the lack of drama; in my last district, if you talk to a sister for two seconds about something not about the missionary work it is automatically assumed that something is going on there. It's good to be rid of that. I'm getting to know my new area well, its very different from my last ward. For starters this ward functions a bit better than the other one; we get fed at least twice a week which is at least once a week more then my last area. (Editors Note: Clearly a well functioning ward is measured by the amount of times they feed the missionaries in one week. j/k) There is also a bigger mix of people here, not just black people and white people.
One of my favorite members in this ward is Brother V. He's a less active member, a former atheist, very outspoken, liberal, funny, and he says that the only reason he even goes to church and gets involved is because of the missionaries. He's very honest and is just a likable guy. We have lots of fun and laughs with him, but we always keep the work as a focus.
As far as this past week goes, nothing to eventful has happened this week. Friday we had our interviews with President R., apparently he really likes me. I don't like the sound of that because he puts the ones he likes in power. I also found out this week that its really not a joke about how popular I am and why I'm in trios. (Editors Note: FYI, trios automatically is substituted for threesomes. Elder Fields just doesn't listen about not using that word.) Elder J. was talking to the new APs about this and they told him that I am actually the most requested companion in the mission. I really don't understand that at all. I would think the most requested missionary to be companions with would be the elder with a load of baptisms under his belt. I don't know what I've got that they don't.
It's getting very hot over here. We tracted in 90 degree weather and it's only June. It gets a heck of a lot hotter than this in July, or so I hear. The good news is that I might just sweat off my gut. (Editors Note: Ha ha ha!) I'm almost sad to not be in a bike area because then I'd loose all that weight faster. (Editors Note: Yeah, he's a bit self-conscious about his weight) But then I remember how good I have it with an air-conditioned car; call me spoiled but that's the way I like it.
As for the area, there are lots of English and Spanish speaking people in this area, with a separate set of missionaries for both language groups. As far as my statement last week about killing my companions, I was basing that off the time I had spent with my previous companions. I was with Elder H. and Elder B. for 3 transfers; something I thought would never happen. Elder J. just arrived in this area with me and Elder S. has been in this area for a transfer longer than us, so it is entirely possible that they both could stay. Thanks for the Spanish lesson, (Editors note: I sent him some Spanish phrases to use when talking to Hispanics in the street) we talked to one Hispanic person the other day and referred her to the Spanish speaking elders. Hopefully that goes well. My area's name is 'Cicero-English'.
That's about it for this week, hopefully next week something more eventful will happen.

Love Elder Fields.

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