Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Frome Whence Come Ye?

So I was looking at analytics, of those who visited my blog this month and saw some cool things. Some interesting visits I've received is from The Navy network information center, and the the Utah Education Network. I've received 9 visits from facebook (mainly from Provo) and so for those of you who have come from facebook or the Navy (Tim!), give me a shout out. I'd like to know who else is reading.

Also, someone found my blog by searching google for: lds not to bungee jump. That's hilarious.

Proceed, and give a shout out ya'll hear?


Brillig said...

Well, uh, Sam, I came because you left a comment at my place today. Obviously I just wrote about this topic (the google searches in particular) so I won't bore you with those details again. But it's always fun to see a new blog hangin' out at my place, so thanks for your comment. Nice to meet you. :-D

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Yeah, nice to meet you as well. Feel free to visit from time to time.