Monday, June 8, 2009

Dastardly Deeds II

I believe I owe you all the continuation of the story do I not?

It was Sunday afternoon, actually it was more near the evening though there was still plenty of daylight about. Deciding it was time, I called upon two fellow co-conspirators and we took the bucket full of ice to their sink to let hot water run over it. As soon as the ice block was unstuck to the bucket and we could slide the ice block out of the bucket we headed out to the residence of the girls.

It was a relatively quick journey to their complex, no one was out and about, so we just set the ice block down in front of their door, rang the doorbell and hid and watched. When they came out, they didn't know what was inside it at first and thought maybe it was something unmentionable that they had left on a guy's car the night before and in one of my co-conspirator's sink.

Anywhat, we enjoyed watching them smash the ice block on the sidewalk and trying to get the sandals out of the Ziploc bag. Of course before that actually happened they discovered us and we fled slightly for our own safety. But it's all good.

Have a nice night!

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