Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Hey You all!
Friday we got a call for some kind of leadership meeting Saturday morning, but Elder B had a feeling he should pray about whether or not we should go and when he did he felt he shouldn't go, and by not going he could get a baptismal date from that. President R. and others there weren't happy about that but couldn't argue after he told them he prayed about not going. Saturday we did normal proselyting and got a new media referral we thought we should check on immediately, so we did. The guy we found has been in his baptist church for a very long time but has never been baptized because he wanted to be sure to get the right church to do it because there were so many. He agreed to the baptismal date and is pretty much one of those textbook MTC stories you always hear about but never actually see. I'm amazed by Elder B., we wouldn't have found this guy if we had gone to the meeting.
Sunday we finally got Sister P. to church to confirm her. We all feel so good about finally getting her there, she almost didn't make it again this week. After church we had a district dinner since transfers were coming and we all wanted to do something. It was all good.
Tuesday we finally managed to arrange a trip to the temple, right on the last week of the transfer before we leave. Talk about cutting it close. We actually missed the deadline to go and had to get special permission from president roach to go. It felt so good to be back at the temple after seven months.
The temple trip took up most of the day but then afterward we were reminded that it was transfer call Tuesday. We called and got a bunch of calls about rumors confirmed and others blown away. I really hate it when you find out where someone else is going but you have to wait a longer time to find out about yourself. After a bit our district finally got the calls. My "little birdies" were half right, I am leaving Beverly and going into a trio, just not in Naperville. My new area is still in the city zone(i thought for sure i was leaving) my new companions are Elder J. and Elder S. Elder J. is a former AP and both have been out for a lot longer then me, that's all I know for now, I'll give more details when I get them.
Sister C. is sick today but I told her I was leaving my area after nine months and she said that number was symbolic of birth and rebirth. (Editors Note: That is false) I talked to a lot of other people too and told them I was leaving, and lots of them want me to keep in contact with them, I'm amazed because some of those people I hardly know at all.
today is Sister Ca.'s hump day and we had a huge burning party at the Point. The sister's tradition for 9 months is to burn a skirt, some other elders there burned some of their cloths to celebrate their respective check points. (Editors Note: What is this, Mario Kart?) It was a lot of fun. Sister Ca.'s hump day makes me feel old because I flew out with her and she's halfway done but at the same time I feel so young because when she leaves I'll still have six months left. Then sisters who got here after me will be leaving before before my turn comes.
After email we're going to pack up a bit then maybe do something for a last chance district activity. Lucky, Elder B. gets to stay here; I avoided Naperville again and he avoided the zone leader loop again. Oddly enough Elder H. and I are getting transferred into the same district. If this next area is his dying area and I stay there for six months we will have been in the same district together for almost a full year. As far as everyone else in the district, Elder P. and the Zone Leaders will stay the same but Sister B. is on her last transfer and she's getting moved out. That's just cruel, having someone move to a new area for six weeks then having them pack up again and go home. But then again that's how the mission is sometimes. Elders S. and Elder T. had to do the same thing. Eldder H. thinks he might have to because he's got 4 transfers left but has never been in an area for more then three.
I'm really exited for my first transfer in a new area and seeing how that goes.

Love, Elder Fields.

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