Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Hello You all,
Well Thursday was transfer day and it was raining, so packing up two people's stuff was very hard. Luckily someone had the foresight to lend us the mission van because all our stuff wouldn't fit in the tiny car that we had. After the transfers meeting, I arrived in my new area. We spent some time moving in and getting things in order, we also have had at least one appointment every day, unlike my last area when new elders arrived. After getting settled in I got to know my new companions better. Elder J. is a former AP for 9 months, pretty much the length of how long I have been in the mission. Elder J. is from Utah, has baptized 7 people and has had 12 companions. Elder S. is a convert, and has been a missionary longer than the he had been a member before going on his mission. Both of them have been out for 21 months. It looks like that I will kill both of them, or at the very least one of them. That's code for me being their last companion before they go home. Elder S. has baptized 7 people and has had 13 companions. One of them has an on-again, off-again girlfriend at home, the other was 'Dear Johned' after 5 months in the mission.
I was able to get to know my district, ward, and area this week too. It feels like I was just done being the youngest in the district, but at 9 months in my new area, I am again the youngest missionary in the district. They tease me about it, but I turn it back on them, reminding them that they are almost home whereas I still have over a year left. This ward and area, compared to Beverly (My last ward), has mostly Hispanic people living in it, whereas Beverly had a mostly African-American population. There are 2 Spanish wards and one English ward. I like this area, and I hope I stay here for a while. I also found out that the reason I am in trios a lot; apparently there's not enough of me to go around, everyone wants to be companions with me, and knows who I am. It is really creepy and flattering at the same time.
Well, my new companions have finished sending e-mail quickly today, so I don't have time to say a lot. They actually they finished before I even started, so I have to write quickly, because they have been waiting for a bit. Looks like I wont have too much time for replies if this pattern continues.

Hopefully this will do, even though I wanted to say lots more but can't.
love Elder Fields

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