Friday, June 12, 2009

Looking For and to Be

Well through a slightly ironic event that I'll explain much later, I was asked what kind of girl I am looking to marry, and it stopped me for a moment, I had to think because it's been a while since I considered what type of girl I was pursuing. Obviously I'm looking for an LDS girl with a strong testimony, but what does that imply and what else? I mean I'm in Provo where the vast majority of girls have testimonies, and I'm in a highly social ward and if I wanted I could have a date a week. Well if I had a job at least...

But I've sort of grown complacent, just dating to date, to have fun. Not caring if there was potential for it to grow further and not pursuing anything if it could have. Just lazing around as if waiting for the Lord to push her into my arms while casually dating.

And so the question got me thinking, who am I looking for exactly?
And so this is what I told my friend: I am looking for someone who is able to make the most out of what they have, either in having fun or dealing with situations, an optimist. Someone who doesn't just believe what they hear from word of mouth, but they investigate it themselves, whether in factual stuff or the spiritual. Someone who helps and cares for others, and also recognizes where she is lacking and seeks to improve. Someone who is diligent, self-disciplined, not afraid of making mistakes but seeks to repair them when they occur. An intelligent, witty, young lady with whom I can converse with for hours at a time. Interested in other cultures, in the world that goes on and strives to do her part to improve what she can.

I forgot to mention she had to be interested in world domination as well.

But the thing is I need to improve in those areas as well, especially my self discipline. I need to do all that what I listed, and be more than who I am today.

And oddly enough, knowing this gives me motivation, it gives me focus.

So thanks you all for listening. Of course I could just be crazy with what I listed too, so let me know if I do that.

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