Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Missionary Wednesday; Witnesses in All Things

Dear family and friends,
We worked it hard on Wednesday through Friday, and Friday afternoon we experienced something that has never before happened in the history of this mission. We were witnesses to an armed robbery. We had to go down to the police station and give our stories. They caught one of the guys involved but the other got away. We got to identify him in a police line up. Then there was a lot of paperwork, questioning and talking to police and lawyers. This took all night. I never thought I would ever pull an all-nighter in a police station. I didn't get to bed until 8:45 A.M., but we didn't let a little sleep deprivation stop the work; we continued to press forward. Saturday and Sunday we did the best we could with our appointments, considering how tired we were. This whole thing doesn't help the work at all, they may have to call us into court to testify, with transfers coming up we may be in three different areas so we can only hope this will all work out quickly. In case your worried, don't be; nobody was hurt except for the car they stole.
In regards to President R., he's not getting any better. At the end of this transfer the last of the missionaries that started under the previous mission president, President H., will go home and President R. is trying to tighten his grip on the mission. He's not happy that the Pres H. missionaries have more respect for President H. than himself and that the baptismal record of 40 baptisms in one month occured during President H.'s last month and hasn't reached that height since then. The Pres H. missionaries say that he inspired them but all President R. cares about is obedience and numbers, so they don't feel inspired. President H. sounds like a nice guy and if President R. wants to see the mission improve he might try to inspire us like President H. did instead of lecturing us and telling us we need to constantly improve and not do little things that don't really matter. Don't get me wrong, I love President Roach, and I don't want to make him sound like a bad guy but honestly that's what some missionaries feel he's becoming. They don't feel like he listens to them at all. In reality he does his best in the best way he knows how and trying to be like someone else probably wont help ether.
Moving to something a bit more light-hearted I hope, in the last two weeks of every transfer, information leaks out about what will happen next transfer and if my little birdies have told me right, then there's a 100% chance that I will leave Beverly and go to the Naperville zone. The only thing good about this is that if my little birdies are right then I will be in another missionary trio. But lets wait until next week for transfer calls for those rumors to be confirmed.
Today at Sister C.'s we learned a bit about the history of the earth, how it fell from Kolob's orbit to here and the trauma of that fall is what may have killed the dinosaurs and started the ice age. Earth was baptized in the flood and places like Atlantis disappeared when the earth split. Also each of us is going to be an Abraham in someway because we will all be tested by giving up something we love. Last, Christ was confirmed a member of his church when he received the Holy Ghost; God spoke and confirmed him and then he received the Holy Ghost.
Today is a zone activity, that's it for now.
love Elder Fields

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