Thursday, June 4, 2009


Just to be brief as I am out of time at the moment.

I find it interesting that even though everyone has their own issues, their own problems, we don't consider those people like that. I mean you do a search for a name in facebook and you can come up with with over 500 people that match that name. Or, in my case, in boredom I was browsing random BYU groups, reading stuff on their discussion boards and even looking at some people's pictures but beyond that I didn't consider them at all beyond the picture presented. Just some abstract face I don't know and am thus indifferent too. That over the internet I would treat as indifferent, or maybe less than dignified. So I was just glancing, wasting some time until I clicked on a girl's profile, a fellow BYU student's profile that I had viewd and noticed she had a blog.

Now being the blog reading type that I am, I clicked on the link and began to read, expecting some attempted humor like I do occasionally, something to poke fun at all the stress that goes on. But that isn't what she wrote. I won't say what's going on, except suffice to say that's she's been having a rotten summer so far.

And reading it made me feel guilty because just a few moments ago I was just casually brushing by her facebook profile as if she were nothing at all.

And then I came to the realization that every single person has something going on in their life, some problem. And I've been too focused on my own blunders and getting back into school in the fall that I lost track of what is important, how I should be treating others, how I should be helping them instead of objectifying them or filling my day with trivialities.

It is a metaphorical slap in the face for me to man up and get doing what I am supposed to be doing instead of focusing on my own past blunders.

So I hope that in the future I express more optimism for the future, that as my attitude changes that this blog reflects it.

And so for those of you I know, I apologize for the times I have slighted you, big and small and hope you'll forgive me.

Sincerely Sam, the Nanti-SARRMM

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Anonymous said...

So true. I recently rediscovered this for myself.

I don't know your pains, and you don't know mine.