Saturday, June 6, 2009

Dastardly Deeds

I unfortunately I arrived at the end of a thing, so I can't tell all of it. Suffice to say there were 9 girls toilet papering/saran-wrapping a couple of cars, some guys came out to stop them, buckets of water were thrown, girls were saran-wrapped to poles, hilarity ensued and the girls retreated to their apartment complex abandoning at least three sandals (That we found).

So I arrive, and see a few guys huddled, they're talking about the tussle or whatever you could call it and were discussing what to do with a sandal. One of the viable ideas was to get a rope and some counterweights and throw it on a power line like a pair of shoes. That would involve finding rope. Other ideas were thrown out, for the sake of throwing out ideas, and other stuff until I suggested freezing the sandal.

So we put the sandal in a ziploc bag and saw that it floated, so we went and collected some rocks, using saran wrap as a tie to anchor the original sandal and two others we found while collecting rocks. After some fidgeting we managed to get the sandals in the middle of a decent sized bucket of water and put it in my apartment's freezer.

And after church we'll see what happens, how the girls react to the frozen sandals.

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