Saturday, June 6, 2009

Metal Claws

It was late at night and I was on my own, alone in a deserted corridor looking... looking for something. I didn't know where it was, just that I'd know it when I saw it. As I walked I rounded a corner and came upon a receptionist's desk where two middle aged women were still at the desk. I continued walking casually, occasionally sniffing the air as if anticipating something. Acting as if I had business in the building I asked if their supervisor was there, to which they responded that he wasn't. I thanked them for the information and continued walking as if to go to the elevator. Just before I reached the elevator I noticed out the of the corner of my eye a dimly lit room just down the next corridor and ran to it. As I entered I saw that the room was full of files, accounting books, and backup computers. This was the correct room, but I still didn't know what it was that I was supposed to destroy. I could take my time and look, or I could destroy everything. That was the simpler solution, and I had in fact the perfect tools for destruction; a pair of metal claws that extended rapidly from the back of my hand. Smiling, I quickly went to work, I started shredding books, gutting computers, snapping sticks of memory, RAM, in half and just making a glorious mess. The secretaries upon hearing the ruckus that was being made and came running in to investigate. Upon seeing me enraged and destroying everything one of them picked up a metallic object, a piece of scrap metal, to try and use as a club to get me to stop. Not that it threatened me or anything, I just quickly sliced it in half, much to the dismay of the secretary. I continued for a moment to slash the few remaining things that were still undamaged, when a large security guard entered the room as well. Before he could make a move, and thinking that everything was sufficiently destroyed, I leaped through a window in the corridor and took off running...

Yeah, I had a weird dream that I was Wolverine, destroying some type of information.

That a dream about a friend's blog, who posted her policy on kissing; that she would only kiss a guy if they'd gone out on more than five dates and there was strong marriage potential with the guy; aside from any kissing that would be done in drama or theater classes.

Again, all very odd.

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