Friday, November 13, 2009

Searching... Searching... Searching...

I just thought I'd share some of the more recent searches that Google has delivered to my blog. Feel free to laugh, or be disgusted. I completely understand either way. Since many lead the same page, I'll group the searches by the pages they land on.

Close Encounters of the Cleverbot Kind:
cleverbot scam
cleverbot is flirting with me
female human cleverbots
how to stump cleverbot
is cleverbot a human
is cleverbot a scam
is cleverbot really a person
stump cleverbot
why does cleverbot think he is human?

Your Mom and Spooning:
spooning with mom
i said no spooning
no spooning
No spooning allowed
I spoon with mom

Math and the Crocodile Hunter
croc hunter memories

Provo Politics
"coy d. porter" stop cindy
"sterling beck"
"sterling beck" "cindy richards"
beat cindy richards, provo
cindy richards sterling baeck
laura cabanilla or coy porter
provo mayoral debate
sterling beck
sterling beck cindy
sterling beck provo

November's CES Fireside:
ces fireside elder uchtdorf
uchtdorf ces -"to speak"

"what made red man red"
That Paul Mero Sutherland guy.
Samantha braces

Also, tonight I have my date with Shandra. Have a good weekend.


TechieGirl said...

LOL just had a conversation with Cleverbot. This is fun. =)

Katie said...

Ha, I love google search results for my blog...I can't tell you how many hits I get from people who googling "How to Marry a Dentist."

And technically I know I shouldn't eat in the library. But technically, if there's no sign, there's no law.


Payton said...

Sam Nanti, my new bloggin' pal. How might YOU suggest a girl makes it obvious that they like someone? Since my hints are apparently too friendly?