Monday, November 16, 2009

They Have a Canon!

Can't write much, Gauss-Jordan, and other ghosts of linear-algebra mathematicians are pestering me with the school work that I have to do.

But anyways, I went to Divine Comedy with Shandra, and we had fun. You know what, Divine Comedy had a glowstick cannon now! It's crazy!

None of the movies they made are up yet, but I suggest you go to their site and watch the 2nd video listed. It's hilarious.

Anywhat, I truly have to get back to school work. Blast cumulative exams and all.


Katie said...

I went on a date with the kid that designed that glowstick cannon. I'm cool, I know.

Glad the with Shandra was fun!

Amanda said...

dang it by reading the post I thought you were talking about a camera.

Crescent Les said...

So, apparently Katie went on a date with Ƥ. Ɗ. Kirĸe.

Or his roommate. Gotta love the archives.

Good luck with exams/Shandra.

Hence72 said...

nice post

TechieGirl said...

My school has a few different kinds of cannons, but we always get in trouble for using them...they aren't necessarily approved by the administration...but we don't have a glow stick cannon. I think I may have to remedy this when I get back from co-op... =)