Saturday, November 28, 2009

Invasion of High Schoolers!

A few friends and me went to the South Towne Mall Thursday night/Friday evening, being informed that the mall opened at midnight for Black Friday. We were expecting craziness. We were expecting chaos. All we got was a mall full of high schoolers.

I took some pictures, which I'll share. But mostly we roamed. The Giant was disappointed that there was no electronics store in the mall at all, and another friend, Liza, has a gift card to Macey's that she couldn't use since it was closed.

Lots of people

More people

BYU Stuff of course. (There was Utes stuff next to it. I ignored it like any good BYU student should. ;) )

Lines to Bed Bath and Beyond.

Cheap deals.

Game knock-offs. What in the blazing abyss is this?!

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