Tuesday, November 10, 2009


We all know what the SA in SARRMM stands for, right? Super Awkward. Well, even though I'm slowly raising my self confidence and all that, so I'm a little less awkward. Well, probably a tad but more than that.

Anyways, recent events only have served to confuse me. Heck, let's be honest; everything about dating confuses me. Or maybe it is girls who are used to guys who are scum and have to clarify?

Example 1: "Julia" and I were in the same ward together. We somewhat got along, I was awkward, of course, but we got along and talked fine. Then after a stake conference I ask out her out on a date, thinking it would be a good opportunity to get to know her. She then asked some clarifying question that confused me supremely, to which after I repeated myself, she said she wasn't in a dating stage of her life or something. It was odd. I think she thought I was asking her to be my girlfriend. I'm not sure. It was confusing.

Example 2: "Andrea". This was over the summer, we had hung out and surprisingly there wasn't that much awkwardness between us. Laugh Out Loud had show in June in or so, and so I asked her out. She then asked me if it was a date, or if I was planning a group thing, that wasn't a group thing, just to ask her out. I laughed. I clarified that I was asking her out. We had fun. I may have blogged about this back then, I don't recall.

Example 3: "Jennifer". She's a cool girl, she's in my ward. She actually introduced herself to me after one fast Sunday commenting on me always smiling and being happy. (Which surprised me since during the Summer I was feeling down and kind of depressed) and we've been good casual friends. I say causal because we haven't hung out. I haven't hung out with anyone really, mainly cause of school, and self-esteem stuff. But again, that's changing. I've started hanging out with people in ward.
Back on topic, in anticipation of Divine Comedy's show this weekend, I asked her out on Sunday, saying that I was planning on buying tickets, and asked her which day was better for he. We decided on Friday, she didn't care about the time. So I bought the tickets for Friday at 9 and went to her apartment last night just to confirm the time so she'd know what's going on. I went, I confirmed the time, she is starting to get sick and was probably headed for bed, ergo she didn't feel like talking much. So we just confirmed the time, and I left.

Then she calls 20 minutes later having to cancel. She told me she doesn't like date situations, being alone with guys, and apologized to me for buying tickets and offered to pay me for them and asked if we could still be friends. Obviously, we're still going to be friends. I'm the king of rejection, or rather the king of being rejected, something like this isn't going to affect me much and shouldn't ruin friendship anyways. I'm sort of confused as to why she didn't outright say no to me on Sunday, but most likely she didn't pause to register that it was a date. I got the impression that most likely she has had some bad date experiences in the past, and may just hugely feel awkward. I'm not exactly sure, and I genuinely hope that nothing major popped up.

So, yeah. Thus my confusion.

I guess the lesson to be learned is when asking someone out, use the word "date" or it may not register as a date.

I'll have to remember to use that word later today. Thinking of asking out "Shandra". I actually sort of like her, we've hung out a bit, but that's because she and her roommates always invite people over for a weekly game night thing, where we play cards and other stuff. She's a bit shy, but she's super intelligent (She's majoring in Math) but also cute and funny. So we'll see how things go. I actually asked her for help in math (cause I really needed it) and she greatly obliged. I unfortunately left after she answered my questions, instead of staying to hang out, but that's because I am a fool of a Tsook, er guy.

Wish me luck.


Katie said...

Girls are confusing. But word of advice, when you are asking a girl out, make sure she knows its a date. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with my friends about how much it sucks going out with a guy, and not knowing if it's a "date" or "just friends.

And psh, keep on being awkward. Awkward boys are my favorite.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

So nice to meet a girl who actually likes awkward guys.

The Boob Nazi said...

Umm, what? Jennifer doesn't like dating situations? How is she ever going to marry someone? That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard. Not being alone with guys. Please watch her interact with men and report back to me.