Monday, November 9, 2009

Political Hypocrisy

This is going to be short, but when watching the news and reading some News Stories about the Health Care Bill passing in the House, it was mentioned that Catholic Popes are directly influencing House Representatives. In fact, Jason Altmire, D-Pennsylvania told CNN that He must have approval from his Catholic Bishop before he can vote yes on the bill.

Now what sort of political hypocrisy is this? Catholic Bishops can directly affect legislation, can directly influence politicians and no one says a thing about it, but the LDS/Mormon Church asks it's members to donate money to Prop8, to fight what they see as a moral dilemma, and everyone gets outraged?

Come on. This is a load of bull. Really it is. There is clearly a double standard going on here, a severe double standard. Yes, I understand that people are upset because they see the LDS Church as "Voting on their marriage" and sticking their beliefs in the legal system and all that, but when Health Care Reform is being voted on, something that will actually affect the quality of life and so much more, nothing is said when the Catholic Church directly influences Congressional Representatives to vote yes or no on a bill.

I am so glad our nation is full of a bunch of hypocrites. I really am.

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