Friday, November 6, 2009

Missionary Friday

Dear Family and Friends:

Wednesday we went to the Field Museum and this time we were actually able to get in. The Field Museum was awesome. We saw the Animal Life Exhibit which was basically a bunch of dioramas with animals around the world. We saw the Egyptian Exhibit which had a bunch of artifacts and mummies, etc. We then saw the Underground Adventure. We "shrunk down" and saw what its like just a few inches below the soil. Last was the Africa Exhibit with their history, countries, people, the savanna, and etc. It was a day well spent and it was even better that night when we had our teaching appointment with "Steve" and "Hanna".
We decided it was time to teach them the Law of Chastity. They both admired our guts for being able to teach them something like this to them. It actually went over very well and we had a good discussion. At least we hope so. Shawn is very good at controlling the conversation, so we don’t really know for sure how they took it. We think they felt somewhat guilty when we talked about it but all we know is they responded positively toward it. On the plus side we did find out exactly what their court situation is. If they get married right away then they wont be able to afford their kids. Their combined income is more what the two real dads support is. If they get married then the other dads can stop paying and they would get away scott-free. On the other hand if they were to wait until the court thing resolves Heathers’ income alone is less then the support the two father’s are paying and these two dad’s would have to pay child support, school, medical, act. She needs that income to support the kids and she can’t get it if she gets married right away.
This week we’ve been doing better with our referrals some of them actually keep our appointments with them and are showing promise. The ward is beginning to like the missionaries again. So if anything else the ward is back on track. Hopefully we will begin to see progress with the ward and investigators.
Saturday was Halloween and it was very different from last year. Last year it didn’t really feel like Halloween. I don’t know if it was just the area or circumstance or what. But this year it actually felt like Halloween. We actually saw trick or treaters this year. Around here the kids go out between 2 to 4pm which, at first seems weird until you realize what a scary place Chicago is after dark, then it makes since. We also got our car egged and it’s extremely difficult to remove egg stains from a car. We both wished speedy justice to come upon the throwers. That night was the ward Halloween party and we were exited to see "Steve" and "Hanna". They were their mixing it up and mingling with the ward. It was a night of fun and good times. I got compliments that night about how people admired how I would just go up to someone and talk to them. That was just a load... It was curiosity, not guts. It was Halloween after all! I wanted to know what people's costumes were. I’ve gone up and talked to people about their costumes since I was born! At the end of the night was “Trunk or Treat”. We got a load of candy. I was also surprised to see that I got a Halloween package! That was awesome. Brother V. of the ward was a DJ for the party and when it was over we followed them home and helped them get there stuff inside. We had heard that someone had threatened to steal their stuff. They couldn’t just leave their stuff out there. He told us he owes us big for that one but we were happy to do it.
Sunday at church another member, Brother C., told us that he had been assigned to be a fellow shipper for "Steve" and "Hanna". We were fine by this. Brother Cis a good guy and they need fellow shippers. The thing we didn’t like about this situation was the fact that the ward went over our heads and did not tell us or consult us in this decision in any way. They made that decision completely without our knowledge!! Honestly its like they don’t trust us to do the work at all! Other then that it’s been a good week.
That’s all this week
Love, Elder Fields.

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