Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Dear viewers,

This last Wednesday we had a zone activity which was about average. My favorite part of the day was was our appointment with "Steve" and "Hannah". Their north-side member friends were there and we taught them the Law of Chastity again, and this time with the help of there friends, we were able to commit them to live it. "Steve" told us that he admired our cajones, because he had been meeting with north-side missionaries for two years and none of them ever taught them anything about the Law of Chastity, but we taught it twice in two weeks. They also told us that they plan to get married right after their court situation is resolved and have decided to eliminate all unnecessary distractions until the court thing is resolved. They don't even want to talk about being married anymore until their situation is resolved. So the Law of Chastity is not an issue anymore and that feels good. (Editors Note: I weep for his innocence.) Now, for the next part of our challenge; helping them to gain a testimony! This will probably be harder then the law of chastity was.

Thursday there was a zone conference, it was basically a new twist on the old ways of teaching, but it was very enjoyable, I learned a lot. On Friday, as requested by the ward, we took Brother C. to an appointment with "Steve" and "Hannah". They hit it off very well. It sometimes amazes me how well members are able to teach. We also were able to obtain two other member-present lessons this week. We feel very accomplished in doing this, as we have had very little member involvement thus far.

There was a stake talent night on Saturday, which was very enjoyable. Most of the wards in Chicago are Spanish-speaking wards, ergo most of the show was too. Despite the fact that I barely understood what was being said and basically had to go along with the crowd for most of the show, it was still good. I do, however, wonder why when native Spanish speakers are present for meetings containing mostly English speakers, they are provided translator headsets, but when the opposite occurs English speakers receive nothing. Steve and Hanna were also at the talent show. I also find it very strange that while they are willing to attend our functions and attend church with there north-side member friends, they have yet to attend a regular sacrament meeting in the ward in which they rightfully belong to.
As for today, I'm on an exchange with Elder R., Elders E.'s companion. Elder R. and Elder E. have an employment workshop to attend, for those missionaries who have less then two months left in the mission.

...As far as my companions; yes, I am anxiously killing off my companions. I love to tell them of all the horrible ways in which I will commit the dirty deed, freaking them out by how dark and twisted I can be pretend to be. Then, when their time comes, I simply shake their hand and say "you're dead!".

That's all for this week,
Sincerely, Elder Fields.

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