Saturday, October 24, 2009

Crocodile Hunter Math Teacher?

The young lad was in the hallowed halls of learning, or rather being the Math Lab, the Unhollowed halls of learning.

He and his fellow despondent co-patriots valiantly struggled against the horrors that consist of Linear Algebra. As they toiled in their understanding, the pressures and horrors of this inexplicable system of math finally got to them, and started converting Linear Transformations into Transformer jokes, saying they expected to hear a matrix say, "Transform and roll out!".

But then something odd occurred as the young man read the text, from the wording of some the text in his textbook, i.e. "The proof of this theorem and some other interesting properties of orthogonal matrices are left to you to be discovered..." (emphasis mine). Upon reading this text, the young lad heard the voice of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, in his head narrating the text as he read, complete with the "Crikey!"

The young man chuckled all the more as he pictured the crocodile hunter giving a math lecture, laughing at the accent and laughing at what the Crocodile Hunter would say if he messed his lines up.

And so now the Crocodile Hunter's memory lives on, as one of the few people would could have taught math on TV with enthusiasm.

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