Saturday, October 24, 2009

To The BYU Football Defense

Dear BYU Football's Defense,

You Stink. Now don't act all surprised, but all of campus and everyone who watched tonight's game against TCU is thinking it. You simply stink.

Now don't let my words fool you, I'm a devoted fan, I may not attend the games in person but I try to watch or listen to every single game. And so, as a fan, I have got to say that you really dropped the ball tonight. Yes, there was the blowout loss against Florida, but we all supposed that maybe it was just a bad night for you, and that you'd come back swinging. But tonight merely confirms your mediocre talent and playing ability.

Now I don't mean to say that TCU isn't good, cause they are very good, they are a very talented team. But is that really an excuse to lose this bad against TCU? I don't think so. You could have given them a point for point battle, but you didn't. Instead TCU steamrolled over you.

And you know what's worse, my hope in you guys, as a team, is shot for this season. Yes, BYU will beat Wyoming and New Mexico, but that's a given. What I'm talking about is the game that matters, the BYU VS the Utes. Would I like to see BYU beat the Utes? Yes! But these two disappointing and humiliating defeats have shattered my hope that we can defend against them.

So there you BYU Defense, you shattered the hope of a fan that BYU can beat their rivals up north. How are we as students and fans of BYU supposed to view the rivalry game now? How are we supposed to enjoy in the traditional rivalry shenanigans when we know that you're just going to flop around and get your butts kicked?

Maybe you can pull off a miracle and restore confidence in the team and defense, but with how you're playing, I don't think it is likely.

So, one word of advice Defense, don't let us be completely decimated against the Utes. That's all I ask.

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