Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brief Nobel Prize Thoughts

So it's been a week or two since Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. People were generally upset that Obama got it, since he hasn't done a whole lot to merit the award, but upon thinking about it, why are we all making fun of Obama and being upset with him for winning the Nobel Peace Prize?

Yes, he doesn't deserve it, but he didn't ask for it either. If news reports of his reaction are to be trusted; Obama was genuinely surprised that he got it. So because of that, it just makes little sense to be mad at Obama for being award a, until now, highly coveted and prestigious award.

Yes, there's the politics of it all to make fun of Obama, but shouldn't all this anger, all the jokes be at the Nobel Committee?

Think about it, they're the ones who gave Obama the award, knowing he hasn't done anything to get it yet. They gave it to him, with the hope that it would help him resolve the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So shouldn't all the jokes, and anger be at the Nobel Committee? Because they're the ones who stepped out of the process to the award, and gave to someone who has barely began to influence the world. They're the ones tarnishing the name and prestige of the Nobel Peace Prize, so why not point at them and laugh, rather than point at Obama and say he hasn't accomplished anything when we knew all along that he has still a ways to go get stuff done?

It just makes no sense to me. So for my part, instead of making fun or being angry at Obama for something he had no power over, I'm going to make fun of the Nobel Peace Prize and the Nobel Committee.

It's only fair. They need someone to get on them for awarding to Obama, and so thus will my attitude be until they take the Nobel from Obama, or at least concede that they should not have given it to him.

It's only fair. Right?


ryan said...

lets go ahead and throw idiots like sean hannity (who would have given the nobel peace prize to george w. bush) into that group of people we are mocking...

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Hannity works for Fox, I'm sure he gets a lot of mocking just for that alone. But yeah, Bush Jr. deserves it even less.

Amanda said...

did you know they gave Obama the Heisman just for watching college football? :)