Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Little Taste of Today...

Just more conference tweets...

23 minutes and counting! #ldsconf
Watching #ldsconf by myself. More twitter updates!
Love of God leads us to obey commandments. #ldsc
The ultimate "twue luv" talk. #ldsconf
How many times will Christ have to gather us under his wings? The world will never know. #ldsconf
Remember parents with honor. #ldsconf
We have our evidences of our progression down the road of life. Don't give up.
Seems Perry may talk about getting our "houses" in order. #ldsconf
Look to the past to prepare for the future. #ldsconf
Early saints were anxious to work on the temple, to work and build. Time to apply that to my school work it seems. #ldsconf
LDS Callings: Taking what experience you have and making it work in all aspects of life. The Ultimate Temp Service. #ldsconf

Christ changes our priorities. #ldsconf
Misssionary work involves everyone. Hop to it! #ldsconf
How prepared are we to witness to the truths of the gospel? #ldsconf
RT @PreemieMiracle: I wonder how man of the apostles tweet? #ldsconf
-ity virtues ftw! #ldsconf
How firm a foundation. #ldsconf
How is it that #ldsconf is not trending yet? #ldsconf

One of those who are just holding on to steel girders it seems. #ldsconf
We have the safety equipment, we just need to use them to convert our inadequacies to strengths. #ldsconf
A great mist of darkness? Blasted condensation. Bring rain gear to press forward. #ldsconf
I now have the "Safety Kids" kids song playing in my head... #ldsconf
"We are invited to get a grip." Ha ha! #ldsconf
@somethinggirl She probably skydives or bungee jumps. She's used to it by now. ;) #ldsconf
Elder Nelson rocks! #ldsconf
Being prepared: To know and obey the commandments. - Russell M Nelson. #ldsconf
@ihenpecked But... there are no monthly minutes... It's an unlimited minutes plan. #ldsconf
Revelation compatible with God's eternal law. #ldsconf
President Monson's speaking. Excellent! #ldsconf
What do we do each day to help someone in need? #ldsconf
Make serving others second nature. #ldsconf
Little purpose to our own lives if we don't lose ourselves in service. #ldsconf
Don't get caught up in the rapids of life so you can help others. #ldsconf
Warm fuzzies! #ldsconf
Service comes in all forms, be it great or small, it is all service and important to someone. #ldsconf
Do a good turn daily. #ldsconf
When heavy laden, don't forget to take the yoke of God to have your burdens lightened. #ldsconf
Conference is almost over. It seems too short... #ldsconf
@getinmibelly The Broncos will be playing next week. It can wait. #ldsconf
Using time in between conference for Family History stuff.

RT @ihenpecked If we followed Monson's talk, hometeaching would not be about numbers. #ldsconf    

"My Grandfather had a stroke and I held his hand." #ldsconf

In the presence of Twitter haters. Sadness for #ldsconf
The book of mormon serves as a safeguard. #Ldsconf
Remembering that President Monson asked us a year or so ago to pray that the church can enter in all countries. #Ldsconf

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