Saturday, October 3, 2009

Conference Tweets

Just thought I would share...

#ldsconf starting in 20 min. Wondering how long it will take to rise to #1 of trending topics

Rejoice! #Ldsconf

5 new temples! #Ldsconf

#Ldsconf plan of happiness and how to receive help.

Confidence comes thru consistent practice of following the Holy Ghost. #ldsconf.

Recieving personal revelation. listen to initial promptings.# Ldsconf

We need to have our boarding passes ready to ride the holy ghost train. #Ldsconf

Apparently we need to do more to feel the Holy Ghost more often. I know I do.#Ldsconf

Learn through work. Same thing President Hinckley had said. Work work work. #Ldsconf

Leg stretching time. #Ldsconf.

I love you guys. #Ldsconf

Roommates getting annoyed with my texting during #ldsconf. Going to have to stop.

@feliciaday Watch #ldsconf, it's the coolest thing ever.

being threatened with destruction for having sent a text to a friend to wake her up for #ldsconf. It's not my fault she stays up late.about 5 hours ago from web

Finding a new place to watch #ldsconf.

@voler By choice. Plus watching #ldsconf with FHE sisters is bound to more enjoyable than just watching it with roommates.

@WickedDomme32 #ldsconf trends because the LDS General Conference is broadcast today and tomorrow. #ldsconf

@hollylesue Go to the, it's members only. No bots allowed.

@heartensoul4u So if tweeting from the phone make it into the members only part of #ldsconf? #ldsconf

@linzekas Yes! #ldsconf

@Akula Following #ldsconf is like reading the commentary of the Ensign actually. #ldsconf

@LdsNana only problem is that tweeting from my phone means that I'm not a member... :(

Off to watch #ldsconf... hope that phone tweets make it into

And thus begins the Saturday afternoon session of #ldsconfabout

#Ldsconf roll call time.

Laws are important. #Ldsconf

God still loves you even if his anger is manifest. #Ldsconf

Life is not a party free for all. #Ldsconf

Life has greater meaning than '42'. #Ldsconf

We allow all men to believe how they may. #Ldsconf

Guy in the apt says that Elder Hales would look British if he had a mustache. #Ldsconf

Being called of God - requiring your best and more sacrifice than the marines since the Dawn of Time. #Ldsconf

Come ye children of the Lord. #Ldsconf

Wow, peter has some bad character witnesses. #Ldsconf

Learn self-control, don't be carried away by excess. #Ldsconf

Prayer is a two way radio. You need to listen for it to work. #Ldsconf

Elder Andersen is the man! #Ldsconf

President Monson needs our prayers. #Ldsconfabout 2 hours ago from txt

I'll post tomorrow's tweets as well. Join in if you haven't already.

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