Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another Type of Inspiration

Yes, Conference was last week (and I still owe a post on my thoughts on Conference, I remember), and although that can be plenty inspiring, there is another thing that helps inspire me, that gives the me push to do a little more.

The scriptures and prayer are good, and those are the first things I usually turn to, in case that needed to be clarified. But sometimes you just need something else, you know, something else to draw upon.

One of those things is Rocky. Yes, I said it. Rocky, the Sylvester Stallone movies, help inspire me. After all, it's a story of coming up after defeat, of defeating challenges. Take the 3rd Rocky movie where he faces down Mr. T. He gets pounded on by Mr. T. and falls into a depression and has to train back back to excellence to regain his title.

In all of them, he struggles and trains, and fights, doing his best, training his hardest to do what he has to do. That and the "Eye of the Tiger" song just completes it all.

So the whole atmosphere of it makes me want to try harder.

If that sounds weird, just remember; I'm crazy.

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