Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Hello you all!

Friday I found out some awesome news. One of my favorite families in this area the Vails went to the temple for the first time. It was good to hear this. At one time this family was completely inactive. Both parents are converts and now look where they have come. Endless congratulations for them!

Unfortunately I have little other good news this week. in the beginning of the transfer they gave all areas a list of their referrals that had supposedly never been contacted so we set to work on finding those people only to discover that over half of them had been talked to already and actually had been updated. We’ve visited everyone on that list now. We are trying to schedule appointments and visit with them. Our attempts to get back with them are failing. These people are never home or don’t answer the phone when we call them. This routine is getting old!! In our areas these people have been dropped many times before. These referrals keep coming back as if we never did anything. We don’t know whether to blame the referral center or the person who ordered the thing but we are about ready to tear someone’s head off. We keep getting the same bogus referral over and over again and they never go anywhere no matter what we do with them. No matter how many times we contact them or drop them they keep coming back then not being there when we try to find them and we are both getting fed up with it. The worst part about all this is after we’ve attempted to contact them and update our records the office gets on our back about not having being kept the records updated even thou we have done everything within our power to do just that. The office give’s us those referrals again and again, saying we didn’t do anything with them!!

The only good thing to come from this whole referral mess is that when we go visit the area again we pick up actual real people who want to hear from us when we tract around the area. Hopefully the people we tracted will actually go somewhere. We’ve also decided to attempt to get our members more involved if they don’t like it because we baptize inactive then they should help us fellowship so we can retain the people we bring in.

Not much else to say this week hopefully next week we will have better news

Sincerely, Elder Fields.

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