Thursday, October 22, 2009

Missionary Thursday

My brother is serving in Chicago, so whenever he writes I usually post some stuff from his latest e-mail.

Dear Family and Friends,

This Thursday we had our transfer meeting, and it was a big shock for everyone to see President and Sister R. there. Usually the mission president and his wife take care of the new missionaries that come in each transfer cycle, but due to the shrinking mission there weren't any new missionaries this transfer. This was the first time this has happened, at least for President R. and his wife. Because they were there, the transfer meeting lasted a bit longer then usual but afterward things were the same.

This week I got to know my new companion, Elder R. He's from everywhere in Utah, he's been out for 21 months, last born child of his family, has had 12 baptisms thus far and doesn't have a girlfriend. This week he seemed a bit depressed and apologetic about none of our appointments going through. I managed to cheer him up by telling him that he wasn't the reason for the lack of good investigators, that's just how some city areas are and how its been most of my mission; he'll be desensitized to it soon enough. He felt better after that.

This week I was also informed that I now hold a new title in addition to most coveted companion, (Editor's note: Apparently a lot of missionaries want to be companions for my brother.) I am now king of the city. They have given me the title "King of the City" because I have spent my whole mission thus far in the City zone and am going on 14 months here. There was another elder who stayed in the Valprazo Indiana zone most of his mission and they gave him title "King of Valpo". I could easily be in the city four more months if I kill Elder R, and if they don't combine Cicero with another area.

After Elder R. moved in and we got passed the lack of solid investigators, it was basically a normal week. On Monday we had dinner with the Washburns who are new to the ward and they are very interested in helping us out with "John" and "Shanna". (Editors Note: Two investigators he is teaching, they want to resolve some child custodial issues before getting married and baptized.) Their Northside friends have been a big help, but they need friends who are in the ward they are supposed to be going to, so the Washburns decided to take that job.

We had another awesome lesson with "John" and "Shnanna" yesterday and I found out that "John" has kidney problems similar to mine, except he has back problems and I don't. Oddly, we share a similar history, which starts at age four and includes three operations. Apparently my problem isn't as rare as the doctors in January lead me to believe.

Today we went to the Museum of Science and Industry. We saw the aviation, flight and train exhibit including the Wright Flier. We saw an exhibit on the human mind, body, and personality, which was really awesome to learn about. We also saw lots of other cool exhibits, including the U-500 exhibit, but unfortunately I didn't get to go in the sub because it was closed. but the other cool exhibits still made it worth while.
That's all this week

love Elder Fields

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