Monday, August 3, 2009

What Made the Red Man Red?

For the past little while I have heard screams of pain and horror coming from the walls. Until today I thought it was just cheap BYU Housing walls. But upon seeing this picture, I realized that it was me. Well to be accurate, my horrible color scheme and fashion sense that has caused the walls to scream in horror. Don't believe me? Look at this!

This is simply too much red for one person to be wearing at once. My shirt is red, my shorts are red, even the milk is red Vitamin D.

Now people, I don't ordinarily care about fashion, but here I am breaking every single rule of fashion out there and should be arrested for at least looking worse than decent. This is sad really. Really really sad.

So clearly something needs to be done to stop these mad atrocities. If you do notice me breaking reality with my lack of color schemes, please let me know, put me down and save the universe a load of trouble.

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