Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mom Says No Spooning

The following is an actual conversation of of how a silly conversation turns awkward fast, all done through text messages.

Me: There is no spoon.
Brother: To what?
Me: To life?
Brother: Mom says no spooning.
Me: ...
Me: Why?
Brother: Mom says morals.
Me: Yes... But what does that have to do with there being no spoon?
Brother: Um, I don't know.
Brother: We asked her opinion about what you said about there being no spoon, and she came up with spooning.
Me: Odd.
Brother: Did you find your spoon?
Me: There is no spoon. You cannot find that which is not there. It is like saying that the cake, which is a lie, is actually not a lie.
Brother: That makes no sense.
Me: It makes perfect sense! Cause there is no spoon and the cake is a lie!
Brother: What cake?
Me: The cake.
Brother: Is this cake real?
Me: No. That is why it is a lie.

It fortunately got silly again, but it got awkward fast.

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Green Giant said...

Dude your familys conversations sometimes, just crack me up. I love your brother, and your mom is just downright hilarious for coming up with that. :D