Saturday, July 4, 2009

For the Shame

I... I have a confession to make. Something that may make you shamed of me now.

I have joined a Twilight web site/thing. Yes. I know. You're all wondering how I could sink so low to do something that is reprehensible. But I have good motives, I swear! Kinda...

You see, I have a friend, Joe we'll call him, who has had way more than his share of female troubles and angst. If angst really qualifies to describe it. Anywhat, I was hanging out with him and other friends on Wednesday and he mentioned the site. Now he enjoys the books cause they're an easy read, but he says he joined up and participated in some "discussions" about Twilight and soon began befriending many females who noticed him on the site. With it being a Twilight site and all, there are of course bunches and bunches of females on it. Which means for my guy Joe, he soon was asked by many if he was straight and apparently is very popular with the ladies there.

He thought he would share some of the comments (Like people discussing if Edward could kill Darth Vader) and invited me to join the website. So in effort not to sow discord and see if Joe's claims are all cracked up like he says, I have had to pretend to support Twilight. Which means resisting urges to say my true thoughts and feelings.

So... thus I joined. But honestly, there have to be, and are, better ways to meet women. Maybe Joe likes the attention, but for me, just reading half the stuff and a few comments on my profile is driving me batty. Most people don't use grammar, at all! Not to mention all the other inane stuff posted. Heck, the intellectual people that I would get along with if I wasn't suppressing my opinions are those who speak out against Twilight.

Anyways, I had to say something cause I'm just going crazy.

So.. I guess this means let the shunning begin for the atrocities that I have committed?

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