Sunday, July 19, 2009


Is the best medicine. Unless it kills you. Or gives you asthma.

Anywhat, random story time-ish. There's this guy in my ward, 'Steve', who is hilarious. He's a great story teller, and not afraid to make fun of himself. In fact, as Sunday school teacher, he usually tells a story like where in the mission, while being chased by a demon dog on a bike, he swerved into oncoming traffic, or this week's story that when he was trying to ask a girl out, that it came all mumbled and after getting her name, he backed away and fell over a handicapped girl.

You of course have to be there cause the way he tells them, and what happens is hilarious. As such, I am usually laughing like crazy.

But you know, apart from it getting people to remind me to breathe, or getting other people laughing, I haven't thought about the effect that my laughter and smile has on others.

Something today after Sacrament, a girl that I barely know came up to me. Well, I don't know her, I've seen her around, but I hadn't had the pleasure of introducing myself. Anyways, she comes up to me and thanks me for spreading joy, for laughing and always smiling. It just sort of made my day.

Anywhat, duty calls (Not that duty, other duties) and I must be off. So be of good cheer!

Oh, and I'll leave you with this thought: "Some say you should laugh like there is no tomorrow. I say you should laugh so hard that there is no tomorrow."

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