Thursday, July 2, 2009

Missionary Thursday

Hello you all,

Wednesday I had the privilege of visiting with a very rich member couple in their sky-rise apartment on the 36th floor. Dinner was amazing, the apartment was beautiful and the view was spectacular. You could see lots of the city, tourist attractions, and the lake. I've never been in a building that high, or awesome, before; so that's another memory building experience.
Thursday we got tubed by a media referral and were inspired to tract around that apartment. We got a new investigator. She's a single mom, former Buddhist, and very open to receiving our teachings. We taught her again Monday and hopefully she will progress toward baptism. After that, we spent the rest of the day at Bro V.'s; his basement flooded and he needed lots of help to clean up the mess. It was a nasty job but it got done.
Saturday we helped the local boy scouts with a car wash at the fire station, they made $800 dollars but were almost ripped out of it by some lady who claimed they cracked her window. The window was already cracked when they got to her car but I guess trying to rip the boy scouts out of honest money is what the world has come to now. Hopefully that will change soon.
Monday we helped another member with a service project. We helped him make a rudder for a boat. That was awesome, we'll never get another opportunity to say we made a rudder ever again.
Tuesday was a bit of a struggle. Elder G., the new office elder needed Elder J. to teach him how to do his job at the Vaplraizo zone conference, so we cleared our calender to go do that. However, we got a call from the Ap's who said that they could take care of that and we didn't have to go. So we spent the whole day tracting and trying to dig up new investigators and appointments. We tracted one door and had a long conversation with a lady in a towel. Apparently answering the door in a towel is a common thing out here because that's happened to the elders before us.
Well that's all for now.

Peace out,
Elder Fields

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