Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ninja Dates

It was toward the beginning of a fine Sunday evening, a nap had been taken, and some singing had been accomplished too.

But antsy, a young man was, in part due the high temperatures and poor ventilation system, and in part due to the exhaustion of reading the text for his class.

The young man then set his text down and traveled down the road, well to be exact, went only just around the street corner.

So the young man knocked upon the door of a female residency and entering, entered into a strange discussion about the locations of the Ozarks and the Azores. Other things were discussed as well, and frozen, flavored ice treats were shared as well.

But then came the moment that caused the young man to pause, to start sweating a bit more, and his smile wavered slightly. He mentioned his seeing an announcement of an activity in one of the museums, and of the performance of a certain improv comedy group.

But then confusion came; well slight confusion for the young man in question at least. For the young lady took it upon herself to ensure that this young man was not engaging in deceptive-ish behavior. That he his intentions were to take the fair lady out on outing commonly labeled as a 'date', or if others were planning on accompanying them in a group hangout/date activity that may be a date in hiding.

Or something like that, for the young lady's words as to the intentions of the young man caused him to pause, and to think about what she said, which to him, he thought she was asking if it was going to be a double date type activity. The young man responded slowly and clearly confused that though he wasn't planning on others coming, he could try and organize a group date activity, if that's what she wanted.

Probably sensing the young man's confusion, the young lady stated herself clearly, asking if it truly was the social outing, labeled as a 'date'. The young man responded in the affirmative and all were happy.

Though the young man doth protest against those rapscallions who would weasel themselves into a date, causing this young lad, and probably many others, to have to be more direct and blunt than they would otherwise have to be.

So thus there are much shaking of fists for those who perpetuate the 'ninja date'.

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