Friday, July 17, 2009

Swine Flu

It's pretty contagious. So contagious that I think my car has it now.

I noticed it overheating a couple of weeks ago and thanks to lovely and talented Miss Missing Marbles and her brother, they helped install a new water pump as T.C. Jr. (Tin Can Jr.) was leaking coolant. So they fixed that. Of course there is also the matter of a torn front-right CV boot and having to replace the shaft too. So would that count as having fractured something?

Anyways, it's still overheating. Or at least the thermometer says it is overheating, which thanks to my utterly useless sense of smell, I don't know if I can smell anything burning or not.

So, it seems T.C. Jr. is still sick, or he's just playing hokey. I'm taking him to a mechanic on Wednesday and we'll see if he's faking it or not.

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