Thursday, July 9, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Hello you all,
Well, last Thursday was zone conference. The theme, for the fourth time in a row, was becoming baptizing missionaries. It's a great theme, but after a while the same theme gets old and there's nothing new you can get out of it. This time President R. was very pleased with the mission because his personal goal was achieved and the mission baptized a total of 41 people in the month of June. This was a very awesome thing and President R. let us all know how pleased he was. Unfortunately, I also found out that Elder B. from my last district had to go home early. It's really sad; I liked that guy. And with Elder B. getting sent home, that presents a small problem for two districts. First off there is currently a missionary tri in the areas of Beverly and Pullman, but that I don't think can last more than the rest of the transfer. The problem is who will take over down there come next transfer. When my old companion Elder S. was transferred out to fill in for Elder H.'s greenie, when he got sent home, he was transferred right away. This time, Elder J., as a former AP, stayed with us and didn't find out about what happened until zone conference. So the question is whether or not Elder J. will stay here or go to Beverly for the rest of the transfer? I personally think that since it has been said that less missionaries are coming into the mission, that they're going to close and combine areas anyway. I think they should ether keep the areas of Beverly and Pullman combined, or combine Pullman with Cal city. But after asking around, to people who might know, it looks like Elder J. will be heading out and I may be with Elder So. alone. Of course there is still a chance that Elder J. could stay and someone else may go down there, but we'll have to wait for transfers to see what happens.
Friday was Elder So.'s birthday, so after a hard days work we had a little bit of birthday fun. Saturday was the 4th of July and over here its pretty much the perfect time to get away with murder. It would be to easy to confuse a gunshot for a firework and nobody would ever know the difference. All day long on the 4th people launched fire works randomly and it was annoying. The city throws a legal fireworks show on the third and fireworks at any other time anywhere in Illinois are illegal, but nobody here cares and the police don't enforce that law, so it may as well not even be a law. We saw the illegal firework show on the fourth. We found a big hill with a great city view and watched over 360 degrees of fireworks. The fact that it's illegal and not enforced probably makes people want to do it more and because it's that way, you can see fireworks in every direction and the show is that much better. It was a very good night to watch fireworks.
Monday and Tuesday we worked it good but our area is struggling and our appointments aren't holding. We may have to start from scratch soon. Today we had a zone activity, where we played sports in the rain then took awesome pictures at the Buckingham Fountain mission border and awesome tourist attraction. It was loads of fun, but zone activities are getting a little predictable. I have to go, the library is closing. That's all the time I got. Hope you're all doing well!

love Elder Fields.

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