Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where is the Sunrise?

Traveling, not caring, not paying attention.
When all look around, all is dark and bleary
No maps in site, no stars or moon to point the way.
Clouds overhead, darkness surrounding
and now stuck, stuck until there's more light
or for the engine to start again

No one knows why
no one paid attention
all remember the signs pointing the way
but no one spoke up to correct the route
the assumption was that it was correct
that they would get there on time

but now, they're stuck
lamenting missed opportunities
those they could have known
things they could have done
now stuck in the dark in a starless night

Hope against hope,
or denial of position
but either way they're stuck
and they all wonder why
why they did not heed
why they stayed the course
why they didn't listen
to even the still small voice

Their sense of loss sinks in
their hope and joy wanes
hope soon fades
becomes as dark as the night

they want to hope but they can't
the desire is lost to move on
to dig themselves out
they wonder why even go
they know they must continue
though the motivation is found lacking

despair kicks in
advice falls on deaf ears
they hope against hope that they can arrive
but do nothing to reach their goal

They wish it weren't so
anger, disappointment, rage
at only themselves

their hope is as dark as the sky around them
the desire, their motivation gone
They know they must
necessity pushes them to keep at it
though barely succeeds at that

They hope for a sun lit day
to see the rising of the sun
and go on their way
which is all they hope for

They know it ought not bother them
they know they shouldn't lose hope
they know they shouldn't despair
but they do.

too ashamed to ask for help
too prideful to confide in others
they just let it stew in them
while pretending all is well
to those would lend a shoulder

Now the question comes to them,
What will they do?