Sunday, January 4, 2009

There's a BBQ, Somewhere.

It was late at night, well late enough for the sun to have set on a cold winter's day at least. Meaning that it was eight at night. He was planning to go to a Barbecue up the canyon with "Roger", Roger's girlfriend and others. In fact, Roger had told him to meet him by the gray Ford as he was running a little late.

Well, he arrived at a gray Ford, and assumed that it was the one he was to meet at, considering there was a car with a couple people idling in front of it. Well he parked, took out the prized two dollar ground steak and got out of his blue compact car. He assumed that maybe it was "Shirley" and someone else, and he waved, but as he approached the car, he saw that he did not recognize them, nor them him. Thinking to avoid a more awkward moment than it was already turning out to be, and kept walking by, turning back to his car. They of course drove off quickly.

A few minutes passed and Roger called, asking him where he was. Apparently Roger was parked in the parking lot on the other side of the building. Who knows if the truck he was parked by was even a Ford. All he knew is that it was a Rodeo.

Well he went off to the correct parking lot, and found that plans had changed; instead of heading to the canyon like they supposed, they decided to be sane, and have the barbecue amidst Heritage Halls. Well he arrived, Roger had the charcoal, and the stuff for the fire, and his own meet and dragged over a portable barbecue cooker over, and got the fire started. Promptly Shirley went to grab more supplies, and Roger went to grab the root beer. That meant that he would tend the fire. Like that is a safe thing to do.

As soon as both were out of sight, he grabbed the lighter fluid like a giddy little kid and started spraying the fire a few times, letting out his inner pyro - just a little.

After much scrambling, they had all the supplies and started on the marshmallows first. Though he was a pyro, at least he didn't let his marshmallows catch on flame like Roger did. He wanted to eat his at least.

They started cooking the meat, preparing it. In the midst of it all, he felt the desire to use the restroom and was loaned a key to get in the building where Shirley's apartment was. He later realized that he ended up in the wrong apartment, using someone else's bathroom.

Well, he returned to the meat and helped turn it, preparing it and all, and took it inside, to meet Shirley's roommates and almost die laughing at the quote wall. They ate, he had to microwave his meat as it was still a little pink in the middle, and the Roger got the rest of the meat, including one very burnt hot dog. Well they ate, they talked, they decided to put a lot of snow on the charcoals to put out the fire and all wondered if they would be in the daily universe.

All but him decided to cram into a minivan and watch Meet The Robinsons, which he later learned was not so good of an experience.

And they were all glad that they decided to not go up the canyon to try and barbecue anything. The End.

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yellow m&m said...

I like my marshmellows well roasted (aka, on fire) thank you very much!