Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Wallyballs of Fire!

It's not everyday you get to bounce off the walls, or bounce stuff off the walls of course. But tonight was one of those nights where not only were balls bouncing, but laughs and other shenanigans hailed high as well.

The night started out normal, dinner with some friends in the ward, but then she-who-is-not-my-cousin burst out a game called 'Hilarium' where in a manner of speaking it is like curses, where you act what is on your card, but the goal is to find matches, to get down as many cards as you can, so if someone has a card that is the same as the one you are acting out, you both get to put the card down. And it so happens that one of the cards was mooning, so I pulled down an imaginary pair of pants and mooned the girl across the circle from me. Yes. Mooning. You heard me.

But as time gathered for FHE, we went to the stadium to be tried and tested. Well more like it was the rec center north of Provo High School, but you get the idea. We entered, we shed our coats and entered the small opening and let the plastic balls fly. Twas like unto the movie 'Dodgeball' But with less skill and coordination as no one had trained us by throwing wrenches at our sweet spots. But even so, we grunted, we dove and even was hit on the back of the head a few times by the bouncing ball.

It was like nothing ever seen before, except had you actually seen something like it before.

But to finish up, we went up the street a way and ordered the food for champions, Frosties from Wendy's.

Twas a night that would go down in FHE history, or more likely to be forgotten in the weeks to come.

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