Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Albeit Wednesday?

Well Alishka Babushka did a letter thing the other day, and offered to give out some letters, so I requested jeopardy style to buy a vowel, and got the letter A.

So This is: An Arrangement of Averred inAanimate Assets that I Appreciate.

1. Apples! Totally delicious.
2. Appositives. I don't know why. It just sounds cool.
3. Apples to Apples. That game is hilarious to play.
4. Age of Empires 3. I got it for Christmas and I am just getting into it.
5. The Aaronic Priesthood.
6. Abe Lincoln. That is one funny comic. He was also a good president.
7. Being Ablush. Well not really, I just do it a lot.
8. Abnormalcy. Without it, we'd all just be normal.
9. The Abolition of slavery. That's always a good thing to enjoy and be grateful for. Although if slavery were still legal today, then I'd probably have my own share of slaves since my Dad's side of the family comes from Mississippi and the deep south. Well, had my Grandparents not moved out to Utah, I'd probably have slaves waiting hand and foot on me. So tell me again why it is good when they could do my homework for me? (In case anyone gets offended, I am totally kidding.)
10. Antibodies. Need I say more?

And like Alishka, I will be handing out letters to those who want them. Giant, you get F. The rest of you can have a different letter if you so choose.

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