Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Randomness All Over, With a Treat Inside

You ever feel like you are off your grove and just don't know why, that you feel spiritually off center, that you are slightly off kilter and you want to get back on kilter? That's sort of how I feel in trying to balance my life now. It's not anything serious that is causing me to be off-kilter, just the little things that I need to improve on.

It's seriously causing me to be uncreative too and think of funny things to say.

Although I may throw the spotlight to Wally, he's in need of a girl and thinks that the universe is hating on him. I mean he is a very cool guy, who is going into computer engineering and even developing his own tech site. He's a very productive fun guy, unlike me where I am boosting the productivity levels to out of the levels known as lazy and procrastinative. In fact, though he denies it, he is a very good looking guy, more-so than myself, to which The Giant can surely attest to. He served a mission in Brazil and is very down to earth dude. In fact, here is a photo of him:

It's not the best but it is the only photo he has on facebook. In fact, as this is post #150, to the last person who comments before Friday at 12:01 AM, I'll put you in contact with him. Or if you're a guy or don't want Wally (hanging out, email, what-have-you) as a prize, then I offer cookies. So let's make it this, cookies with an optional side order of Wally. Your choice of cookies.

Glad you are all reading. To help inspire comments I will ask a question; What do you do when you realize that you've started something that may not be right or working, how to make it work or get out of it?


yellow m&m said...

With majors, there were two different ways I approached that situation.

First, when I was rejected from Photography and realized that wasn't really working, I thought about it, and decided I wanted something else, then I took a class and explored my options, leading to my second major.

Then, when I realized that Accounting wasn't working, I finished the semester, but due to pure chance, found a major that I'm currently pursuing, and I believe I'm likeing this one best.

My point? Pray, and keep looking out for your options. With both Photography and Accounting, I wasn't enjoying it as much as I thought I would, but so far I am loving my java class.

Sharona Fleming said...

Wow, if I'd have known you were setting people up I would have been looking at your blog in January as opposed to waiting for an invite from a recent board question. I'm next, right? (I tease! Please spare me!)

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

You never knew my blog address Sharona? Shame on me for not telling you. But yes, if you like I will certainly throw a spotlight to you.