Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Missionary Wednesday

Dear All,
It's good to be back online. The student library is open again and now I can email regularly until either spring break or my next transfer, but I'll worry about that when the time comes; let's just enjoy the fact that I'm back online now.
I'll start this email off on new years eve. We spent most of the day just hanging out with the sisters in our district. Everyone says we've got a good set. personally I don't think we've ever really had a bad set, but i don't really care ether... I personally do agree with the rest of the district that Sister B. Sister P. are a good set.
At the end of the day we went to bed and I woke up about a minute after midnight to what sounded like fireworks and noisemakers, but then I remembered that it's Chicago and those fireworks are gunshots, and the noisemakers are sirens. After a minute of listening to that I went back to bed.
New Years morning was about the same as any other day more media referrals and canceled appointments. Not a good way to start off a New Year. New Years night was a bit better. A member family had lots of extra holiday food and they shared it with all the missionaries. Friday went off a bit better, we got two new investigators but they canceled our next appointment, they then surprised us yesterday when they let us in after we showed up without an appointment hopefully these two will progress all the way. Unfortunately our only other progressing investigator is still hard to get hold of. When we called her she invited us over but wasn't there when we got there. she called back to apologize and we've scheduled an appointment for Friday but we aren't holding out much hope as we found her in the beginning of November and have tried to continue to teach her for the past two months but its very hard. Elder C. hasn't said much about it but if she doesn't hold up on Friday my guess is that were going to drop her because its been to long and were getting almost nowhere with her.
Saturday morning basketball was surprisingly long. It lasted about two hours longer then normal and I personally think that's time wasted where we could have been doing other things. I was glad when it finally ended and we could move on to other things. Sunday our church time moved from 1pm to 9am.
Monday night when our district was observing Elder V's birthday I came to a conclusion why I got called to Chicago. Elder V turned 24 and a majority of the missionaries who come to Chicago aren't 19 and 21 when they get here. In fact I'm one of the younger ones. So apparently Chicago is the place they send missionaries who come out later then the normal age. The rest of them think that they must have done something wrong and are now being punished for it by getting sent here. What a bad attitude. South Chicago may not be the best mission in the world but its probably better then other missions.
I received a Christmas card from DI (Editors note: He used to work there) and was glad to get it although it would be nice to get personal letters also, along with a signed card. I know several people who said they would write me and haven't. Shame shame. That's about all for this week i hope to hear from all of you soon.

Love, Elder Fields.

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