Monday, January 12, 2009

The Morals of a Free Book

Update: I am feeling better and have been approved for the Fast-Track Back Option. Go Responsibility for the win!

Anyway, it has come to my attention that I have a free text book, that was possibly mis-shipped to me, and maybe was illegally sold?

Well to let you all know, before I was aware of my academic status, I decided to try the internets to find a textbook for a class I was going to take, CS235: Data Structures and Algorithms. Well I found a book online for about $31.00 whereas the BYU Bookstore sells a used version for about $89.00. So I bought it. On the 6th I received an email saying that my order was canceled due to a shortage in stock and that I wouldn't be billed for it.

So I didn't expect it to come. Well a few days ago when Robster (Not a lobster, my roommate) and I went to the post office because we weren't getting anything in the mail. (They were holding our mail apparently) Anyway, in the mail that they were holding was a package for me, which held the book that I ordered.

So I checked my bank account, and I haven't been charged for it. Also it is the international edition, so it shouldn't have been sold to me, not that I am complaining really...

Anyway, what do I do? Do I call them back and send it back to them, or do I keep it for when I take the class in the future?

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