Sunday, January 18, 2009

Alas Pandora, It Was Not Meant To Be

There was a time when I could blame the universe for my girl troubles, when I could make jokes about not being liked back and the sort. It seems that the Universe is set out to prove me wrong; not that I am complaining or anything. I mean there was a time when I knew of no girls who liked me back, but at this point and time I can say there are several who think I am somewhat more then modestly presentable, two girls have claimed to have fallen in love with me, I dated one of those two and may now be embarking again on another such journey.

So all I can say is that the Universe likes proving me wrong, and I may have learned to work that out to my advantage.

Anyway, to my most beloved Pandora who I love like a china plate,
In the words of the famous Captain Jack Sparrow, "It never would have worked out between us."

I mean don't get me wrong, you have a cool box of destruction waiting to feast on all the flesh of all mankind and you've been witness to the lunacy of my plans for world domination, but things are headed in a different direction, and you know that, yes. But even more so now. I can only hope that you'll be merciful enough to let me live, and not burn my heart with your rage. I don't exactly have a spare lying around.

But so you all know, I have been starting to see a girl, "Ladybug" I'll call her until things are official likes and what not, and we most probably will begin to date exclusively, especially after certain events that transpired this evening...

But yes, "Ladybug" is a cute girl, she's one of those shy girls until you get to meet her, and then you discover that she's just really cool with underhanded roommates who may be plotting revenge for certain acts of tickle wars... Ahem, I rant... but she is most ticklish on the back of the neck and on the knee, which makes it really unfair for her as I am not ticklish... Oh well, tickle wars were never meant to be fair in the first place, now were they? Which I guess condones any acts of revenge her roommates seek to do me.

Here's hoping I survive the counter strike!



pandora said...

I have little to say to that, I'm too busy watching my heart burn.

Also, I suppose I'm more a china plate that you don't mind breaking.

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

I'm not the one who let the bull into the china shop if you get my drift. And as for that china plate, it is perfectly protected in large amounts of bubble wrap.

I also have a fire extinguisher for that burning sensation...

pandora said...

Perhaps, but need I remind you: you're the one who kissed me?

Sam, The Nanti-SARRMM said...

Which just means I prodded the bull on a little after it entered the shop, got it a little more enraged, that's all.