Sunday, January 18, 2009

And Continues the Drama

Geeze, this blog is turning out to be soap opera. First the romance and love triangles and now the trauma and suspense. I wonder if a Hollywood screenwriter is writing the script of my life.

So... My parents received a call from the Elder Fields' mission president, it seems that Elder Fields is in the hospital, most likely due to some kidney trouble. The doctors are not sure what it is exactly, but it might be some latent kidney issues that Elder Fields had years ago and hasn't had problems with since. So hopefully he gets well quickly.

But I do promise this, that the humor will get back to this blog, it may mean finding and firing that Hollywood writer, but we all have to take losses somewhere, it is a hard economy after all.


yellow m&m said...

I hope everthing turns out alright. I remember when my brother was in the hospital on his mission. Although he's still having problems...

Also:humor is good. I think we all need more of it. Sac that stupid writer!

katydid said...

Oh no! I hope he's okay!